The Challenge:
RE Tricker Limited was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker and is one of the longest established shoemakers in England. Tricker’s have a reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality, priding themselves on comfort, durability, and practicality. Farrows was briefed with creating a new advertising campaign to feature in an array of printed publications.

Farrows Approach:
Our concept was built to narrate and highlight traditional craftsmanship, age-old skills, heritage and longevity. The ‘No Tricks’ headline highlights exactly what Tricker’s is all about – honest, well made products with no silliness required. The look and feel was designed to sit in perfect harmony with the brand’s current website, putting Tricker’s at the forefront of fashion and bringing the brand’s advertising up-to-date with a fresh clean look. Following the success of the campaign, Farrows was awarded the brief to completely overhaul Tricker’s ‘In Stock’ brochure. To encapsulate the premium high end finish of the shoes and craftsmanship the front cover is leather paper, with a blind deboss to replicate the well-known pattern of a brogue shoe. A specific gold foil block was selected to suit the brand and enhance the visual impact without looking overly yellow or shiny.

The Result:
A slick campaign which has transposed into a stunning trade brochure with luxury wow factor. Tricker’s love the end result and it’s proving to be a real head turner!