Kettle Chips


The Challenge:
KETTLE® Chips were keen to engage their diverse markets and increase their reach by updating their European website. Farrows won the pitch to fully redesign and redevelop this digital brand brochure with a customer-focused approach and a bold new look.

Farrows Approach:
We placed the product first, using the history and prestige of the KETTLE® brand to inform our modern and exciting design. With engaging parallax scrolling, interactive animation and striking visual journeys, users are fully immersed in experiencing the KETTLE® story.

This powerful site uses Geo IP Detection to automatically show content specific to the user’s country and intuitively switches between 7 different languages for a seamless user experience.

The Result:
A visually stunning responsive website designed inline with the KETTLE® brand, championing the consumer experience and journey. Aligned with the social media strategy, Farrows are creating ongoing video and photography content to support this and for use across various platforms. KETTLE® are very impressed with the finished site.