Cellar Circle


Lay & Wheelers Fine Wine Plan needed an update; the plan was a subscription service offered by the business to customers as a way to build a cellar of fine wines. However, for us it, was so much more, so we were hugely excited when the opportunity came to get our hands on it and give it a bit of the Farrows’ treatment.
The plan seemed like a great opportunity to link sister company Majestic and Lay & Wheeler together in a logical, non competitive way which benefits the customers of both. The plan was already offering discount in Majestic stores, and you could pick up forms in store, but it was uninspiring and our research showed that most of the time it was hidden away from customers and staff were not hugely passionate about it.
We worked with both Lay & Wheeler and Majestic to create the new evolved service and established the name Cellar Circle. This was now a real club: branded as a joint identity but with a singular presence and clear direction.
The result was an identity that is recognisable, luxurious, has personality and one that the target audience can easily understand and engage with. Subscriptions to the service are on a rapid increase compared to the previous year and customer redemption percentages have seen a rise due to clarity of the offering.