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QIB Extra provides a high quality strategic and applied research service to small and medium-sized companies as well as large multi-nationals in the food, diet and health and allied sectors. Farrows were briefed to create a new bespoke brochure outlining their services to the scientific industry.

QIB Brochure

The look and feel was designed to sit within the overarching QIB Extra brand, whilst using graphic elements to begin to create a standalone brand in its own right. We used angular shards to create movement and generate excitement as the reader progressed throughout the brochure, resulting in a slick and polished final piece of print. Graphic overlays and colours were used to symbolise the layers of investigation and examination that the laboratory team would be working with day to day. Clarity and usability was our primary objective to achieve when designing the brochure for such a complex subject matter.

QIB Extra are really pleased with the finished brochure and it was very well received by their Board.

Deliverables: Creative Design, Artwork, Print Management.

QIB Brochure Interior

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