Brand Love Blog Series #4 – The Magic of the Mouse

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In the world of diverse business, The Walt Disney Company must surely be King.

It has successfully diversified worldwide, with theme parks & resorts, TV networks, studio entertainment and consumer products. 

While there is no doubt that Disney has left an indelible mark on the world of business, I often wonder, why do so many people share my love of all things Disney?

The Walt Disney Company has a long established and loyal consumer base, few brands can boast the passion and loyalty that generations of Disney fans feel for Mickey Mouse and his host of lovable friends. The one thing that links across all areas of their business, building this loyalty and passion, is a company wide mission to ‘Make Magical Experiences Come Alive’, something which I think Disney have mastered like no other. 


My love of everything Disney is deep-rooted and goes back to my childhood. My earliest memory of Disney is a family holiday, my first true experience of that Magic.

Walking down Main Street – the first “themed land” inside the main entrance of Disney World – with my sister. 

I was absolutely in awe of everything around me – the hustle and bustle of people, the noise, and the sweet smell of pretzels and ice cream that stays with me to this day. There really is nothing else like it!

As masters of story telling, a day spent in their theme parks is a day in another world. For adults, all cares can be put aside as you enter their world of imagination.

Back at home, I was hooked! 


I couldn’t wait to visit the Disney Store to marvel at the array of toys on offer. There is something wonderful about walking into the shiny, sparkly store, packed to the rafters with toys, all played along to a musical soundtrack. It is a store I still love as an adult and need little excuse to pop into!

Being able to watch a movie, fall in love with the characters, buy them as your favourite new toy and learn every word from the soundtrack is that Magic coming to life, a magic which instills a love of all things Disney and stays with us for life. 

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